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  • Adamantoise

    Hey everyone! For those of you keeping up with my blog over on the True Blood Wiki, you know our wiki is changing, slowly but surely. Not exactly something we wanted to happen, but something Wikia is forcing upon all wikis. The first change was the change to the Global navigation bar. We are in Stage 2 now, where the bar at least develops transparency as you scroll down the page.

    The look and feel of the overall site aesthetics will also change, slowly but surely. As my blog article Our wiki is fixing to change... drastically. states, some wikis are already using the new look.

    The latest change eliminates the Special:Promote module, which, unfortunately, I never got a chance to play around with before its untimely demise. In an effort to …

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  • Adamantoise

    Those of you who know me from the Southern Vampire Mysteries sister wiki - the True Blood wiki, than you know I'm somewhat hellbent on achieving consistency and uniformity throughout. While I know I am still somewhat new here, I have been a fan of the True Blood series since I first saw the very first ad for it. And being that this series of book was the basis for the series makes them even more special and worthy of attention. Setting the standard, and revealing canon not normally found in the series, the novels are the true basis for the world that we know and love. I hold the television series and the novels equally in my heart and they both go hand in hand. Therefore it wouldn't be right to do one and not the other. Both are equally…

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