This article focuses on Tara Du Rone's Southern Vampire Mysteries persona. For her True Blood counterpart, see Tara Thornton.
Tara du Rone
Basic Info
First Seen Living Dead in Dallas
Last Seen
Appeared in:
Mentioned in:
Status: Alive
Age: 20s
Date of Birth: c. 1979
Date of Death:
Also Known As: Tara du Rhone
Origin: Bon Temps, Louisiana
Profession: Owner of Tara's Togs
Powers and Abilities: Tara does not have any notable powers
Family Members: Unnamed Father
Myrna Thornton - Mother (deceased)
Older, unnamed siblings
JB du Rone - Husband
Robbie du Rone - Son
Sarah Sookie du Rone - Daughter
Portrayed By Rutina Wesley

Tara du Rone (née Thornton) is a character in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". She is first introduced in the second book, Living Dead in Dallas, and has appeared in every novel since in either a minor or reasonably prominent capacity. She is one of the few characters that series' protagonist Sookie Stackhouse considers a best friend.



In the novels, not much information is given about Tara's family, except for the abuse by her alcoholic parents, and her mother in particular. In the television series, it is revealed that Sookie and Tara maintain a close relationship because Tara accepted Sookie for what she was, and as a child Tara would run to Sookie's house to escape beatings from her mother. In the fourth book Dead to the World, it is revealed that Tara has a sister and a brother who left home town as soon as they could.

Living Dead in DallasEdit

In Living Dead in Dallas, Tara is engaged to Eggs Tallie, but this relationship ends when a secret sex party they attend ends badly. Bill informs Sookie that he owns the strip mall that Tara's store and others are in.

Club DeadEdit

In Club Dead, she then opens up a clothing store called Tara's Togs, and then briefly dates the vampire Franklin Mott. Sookie meets Tara who is dating Franklin, she is at Club Dead (club)  and the two drink and dance.

Dead to the WorldEdit

In  Dead to the World, Sookie meets up with Tara on the road, and she is introduces Sookie to Claudine Crane, during their conversation, she asks Tara does she know a Witch. Tara calls Holly Cleary, a witch, to ask if Sookie can come over to ask about witches. She then hugs Sookie and drives away.

Dead as a DoornailEdit

In Dead as a Doornail, Franklin soon dumps her and gives her to the vampire Mickey who turns out to be a sadist. Tara owns a small house which Sookie visits to borrow an outfit to wear to Jackson Herveaux's funeral. The situation with Mickey gets so bad, Sookie and the vampire Eric Northman must take steps to rescue her.

Definitely DeadEdit

All Together DeadEdit

During the events of All Together Dead, she and JB du Rone elope. Tara is currently pregnant with JB's twins. She confides this to Sookie, telling her that she did not plan on having a baby, but felt she should try her best and be the great mother that she herself never had.

From Dead to WorseEdit

Dead and GoneEdit

Dead in the FamilyEdit

Dead ReckoningEdit

During the events of Dead Reckoning, it is Claude Crane who reveals that Tara is having twins, a boy and a girl. Sookie allows Tara to have the baby shower at her house.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tara is Caucasian with smooth olive complexion, black hair and dark brown eyes. According to Sookie, "Tara always looks great." Tara looks successful, attractive, secure in most of her outfits.


She is described as smart, kind, and calm. Tara has a lot of intelligence that she uses to running Tara's Togs.


Eggs TallieEdit

In the second book, Living Dead in Dallas, Tara is engaged to 'Eggs' Benedict Tallie, but this relationship ends when the secret sex party they are attending ends badly.

Franklin MottEdit

Sookie meets Tara in Jackson in Club Dead and sees Tara with a vampire named Franklin Mott. In the following book, Dead to the World, Sookie sees Tara in a new Camaro, a gift from Franklin.


Franklin leaves Tara and gives her to a vampire Mickey. In subsequent novels, Sookie saves Tara from Mickey's abusive relationship with the help of Eric.

JB du RoneEdit

It has also been said she has slept with JB du Rone, who has been friends with Sookie and Tara from their school years. Tara and JB du Rone decide to elope because suddenly something clicked between them and they thought they should marry. Tara is currently pregnant with JB's baby. She confides this to Sookie, telling her that she did not plan on having a baby, but felt she should try her best and be the great mother that she herself never had. Claude reveals that Tara is having twins, a boy and a girl.
Rutina Wes

Rutina Wesley

HBO PortrayalEdit

In the HBO series True Blood, Tara's character undergoes a number of changes from book to screen and has a more promient role than in the books. She is portrayed by Rutina Wesly throughout the series.

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