Sandra Pelt is the adoptive daughter of Gordon and Barbara Pelt in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Sandra's adoptive parents are both full-blooded Weres who unable to have any more children after their daughter Debbie was born. Sandra is also a full-blooded Were and is doted on by her parents. Sandra may look like your typical 18-year-old student - smart, beautiful, and kind but underneath all of that is a ruthless, manipulative girl who surprisingly possessing very little common sense and without a shred of decency; she is the type of girl who would fight a person who stands against her.

Her mother is a practicing witch and has taught her a few things but Sandra is too impatient to use magic preferring to use her parent’s wealth to get things done. She is good friends with a sister Debbie though she no longer looks up to her seeing her as crass for being hooked on V. Sandra is a snob and she would be a terrible enemy to have because once you are on her shit list you won’t get off until she has had her revenge.

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