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Luna Garza


First seen:
Last seen:
Undercover Worker
Able to transform into any animal on Earth, mostly a bat
Family members:
Portrayed by:
Janina Gavankar

Luna Garza is a human shapeshifter in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Luna is a minor character by the name of Luna appears in the second Sookie Stackhouse book, Living Dead in Dallas.


Luna is introduced as a minor character in the second book, Living Dead in Dallas and the only major character she interacts with is Sookie Stackhouse. Luna lives in Dallas. She's working undercover at the Fellowship of the Sun church in Dallas and helps Sookie escape from it when Steve Newlin imprisons her there. As Luna and Sookie take off, Luna explains more about the supernatural community to Sookie and introduces her to two werewolves. Luna is a shapeshifter called a werebat. The bat is the form most comfortable to her, as the collie is to Sam. Luna has not made any further appearances in the books. Luna is portrayed by American actress Janina Gavankar.


Luna is a Hispanic woman with dark hair and eyes.

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