Linda Delahoussaye
¼ Fairy, ¾ Human
Family Members
Adele Stackhouse - Mother †

Fintan Brigant - Father †
Niall Brigant - Paternal Grandfather
Corbett Stackhouse - Brother †
Hadley Delahoussaye - Daughter †
Hunter Savoy - Grandson
Jason Stackhouse - Maternal Nephew
Sookie Stackhouse - Maternal Niece
Claude Crane - Paternal First Cousin
Claudine Crane - Paternal First Cousin †

Claudette Crane - Paternal First Cousin †

Linda Delahoussaye is the sister of Corbett Stackhouse and aunt to Sookie and Jason Stackhouse in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". She has one daughter, Hadley Delahoussaye, and a grandson named Hunter Savoy. Linda's mother is Adele Stackhouse and her father is a fairy named Fintan Brigant.



By blood, Linda is one quarter fairy due to the affair her mother and father had though she never knew of this fact. Hadley in turn is one eighth and Hunter one sixteenth.

"Dead Until Dark"Edit

In the first novel, "Dead Until Dark", Linda was revealed to have been molested by her Uncle Bartlett, as was Sookie later on.

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