Lily Leeds (née Bard), is a human private investigator in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Acting on the behalf of the Pelt Family in the search of their first adopted daughter, Lily Bard Leeds is talked about as being the stronger of the two and having no illusions as to innocence. Lily is also mentioned as having very little life in her face. She is also married to Jack Leeds.


The Leeds are mentioned in Definitely Dead as having given up the search for Debbie Pelt so's not to be fleecing the Pelts. In Dead Reckoning, Mr. Cataliades sends the Leeds to Bon Temps to tell Sookie Stackhouse that Sandra Pelt is out of jail and wants Sookie dead. Along with Terry Bellefleur, Sam Merlotte, and Jannalynn they take down four thugs hired by Sandra to kill Sookie at Merlotte's.

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