Jannaylnn Hopper is a werewolf, and a member of the Long Tooth Pack of wolves in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". When Alcide Herveaux ascends to packmaster she rises to the rank of enforcer some months later after issues arise between Alcide's second and the enforcer of the pack. Jannalynn also is Sam Merlotte's girlfriend. She is known to be a fierce fighter.




In the book Deadlocked, Jannalynn begins working for Claude Crane. Her task is to get Sookie into trouble so Niall Brigant will open the portal from fairy and come to her aid. Jannalynn's deal is discovered and she exposes her dealings to the polices in a letter then phone call before she is left to fight with Mustapha. During the fight she goes after Alcide but instead strikes Sam with a fatal blow. Mustapha beheads Jannalynn ending her bid to overthrow Alcide to become packmaster.

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