Bubba in his former glory

All the Elvis sightings are true. Bubba is a Vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries".


A screwed up vampire that can't be trusted in the real world, Bubba lives mostly on cat blood and is passed around between the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee vampires.

Bubba is actually Elvis; when he died there was still a spark of life left in him and a vampire working at the morgue was a fan. Regardless of whether it was a good thing or not, Bubba was "turned".

He hates being called by his old name and gets agitated if asked to sing when he doesn't want to.

Bubba is an obedient servant though he follows orders to a T. He is kind of the mentally challenged, sweet little brother of the Vampire world.

It is safe to assume that Bubba is strong--even for a vampire--because all are careful not to upset him.

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